Dominic Lambrinos – Italian Wine Aficionado & Wine Fraud Expert

Dominic Lambrinos - Italian Wine Expert & Wine Fraud Expert

Dominic Lambrinos is a seasoned entrepreneur and business founder. He is also passionate about wine and turned his hobby into his profession to become a fine Italian wine aficionado. Now his vocation is his vacation.

Mixing the skills and experience gathered from previous business ventures, Dominic also applies his business knowledge to the detection, and uncovering, of fraud in the wine industry globally. 

Dominic can be found in the classroom training either the current and next generations of entrepreneurs, business owners, or wine lovers. He most enjoys sharing his passion for Italian wines.

He is also a regular face on the international speaking circuit where his personal brand of how to create success is always a hit for all audiences.

Besides all of that, if you invite Dominic for dinner he likes Barolo, a good steak and is a sucker for great desserts.